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Continental Merchant Services, Inc Privacy Policy / Online Privacy Statement

We are committed to you privacy every step of the way. Please take a moment to review our privacy policy.

Commitment to Privacy

Thank you for visiting Continental Merchant Services, Inc website. Protecting your privacy is very important to us. Our Online Privacy Statement is designed to inform you about our online collection and use of personal information. From time to time, Continental Merchant Services, Inc may modify this Online Privacy Statement. 

The Online Privacy Statement is available on the homepage of this web site as well as at every point where you provide us with personal information.

The "Privacy Policy" (the "Policy") is presented as a separate document just for convenience. The Policy constitutes together with the "Terms of Use" ("Terms") the full Agreement between the User and the Owner. Please, read both documents before you use this Website. All definitions and references used in the Policy and in the Terms are incorporated into the Terms. 

1. The Owner will never gather private information other than defined by the Policy about the User without notifying the User. The Owner will not modify software or hardware of the User without prior notification of the User and the User's electronic, fax, written or voice confirmation. The Owner will implement reasonable measures to keep private and safe the information about the User (not exposed to third party through the Internet or other public sources). The Owner will never sell, lease or otherwise share private User's information with the third party without prior expressed permission from the User. The Owner receives private information only in case the User fills any forms on the Website or communicates with the Owner by email or by other methods. After the User provides its private information or in any other way communicates with the Owner, the Owner can communicate with the User and it shall be considered as a regular course of business. Such communications can involve advertisements. The User can notify the Owner about cancellations of its subscriptions or services, and the Owner will remove the User's address from the communication lists as soon as reasonable. This will stop any communications with the User except reminders about the User's obligations to the Owner or any Advertisers, if they exist. Applications filled by the User on the Website or in the documents and emails outgoing from or incoming to the Website shall be transferred by the Owner only to the Advertiser (respective service or product provider), or used to bill the User and charge its credit card or account if the product, information or service is delivered directly by the Owner.

2. Private User's information will be immediately disclosed by the Owner when requested by the Government, for the purpose of investigation or in other situations when demanded by law. Private User's information can be used to compose and distribute consolidated data without private information about the User, sufficient for third parties to identify the User directly.

3. The Owner will not gather information about hardware, software and information resources of the User except some parameters, necessary for optimal functioning of the Website on the User's computer (resolution of the monitor, speed of the connection, type of the browser etc.) This information will not be stored on the Owner's side after the User leaves the Website without a permission of the User. IP address of the User's computer or other communication device, or other data identifying the computer or communication device, could be logged by the Owner only for the purposes of any disputes and in order to track illegal activity of the User, if so. Audio communications with the User may be recorded by the Owner for training and quality assurance purposes. 

4. No cookies will be created and no other changes will be made in the User's hardware and software without prior notification of the User and at least his electronic confirmation of acceptance of such actions. All other types of such confirmations will be valid as well.

5. The Owner will not send to the User unsolicited emails or messages. The following messages or emails of the Owner to the User cannot be recognized as unsolicited or as spam: emails or messages concerning requested service, purchased or ordered products, delivery of products or services, as a feedback, in non-standard situations (like change of service), to request information about services and products provided by the Owner or by the Advertisers or in other obvious situations. All messages and information outgoing from the Owner may contain advertisements. The User accepts any kind of communication: through the mail, Internet, telephone, fax, information media (like floppy disk, CD ROM, DVD ROM etc.) or a hard copy and considers them all to be equivalent. If the User is the Member of the Website or the Subscriber to any service of the Owner and is willing to be unsubscribed or cancel its membership, the User has to notify the Owner and the request will be processed as soon as reasonable.

6. Non-private User's information, posted on the Website or delivered in any other way to the Owner, may be used by the Owner, including commercial needs of the Owner, disclosed to public, changed, used for derivative works and distributed without any compensation to the User. 

7. The Website in most cases does not use "traps" like pop-up advertisement, impossibility to return to the previous page or something else like that, though such methods may be used by the Advertisers and, sometimes, some errors in the design of the Website may prevent the User from returning to the previous page. Opening the next page in a new window is not considered to be a "trap". If the User finds any of these features activated in the areas of the Website being under the obvious control of the Owner, the User shall report immediately to the Owner. The Owner is not responsible for any methods of advertisement used by any third parties, including the Advertiser. 

8. Private information about the User could be collected and used by any third parties, including those who own websites, which redirect or otherwise refer or transfer the User to the Website (for example through an incoming link or other reference), or by third parties to whom the User has been redirected or otherwise referred or transferred by the Website (for example through an outgoing link or other reference) at the own discretion of third parties. This possible collection and use of the User's private information is not under any kind of control of the Owner. The Owner does not monitor or prevent this possible private information collection processes. The User has to check the privacy policies of the third parties himself.

1. Payment terminals are available for use by approved merchants with deposit. Value may differ depending deployed equipment and merchant preference,
2. Fee Destroyer is a proprietary product of Continental Merchant Services, Inc. a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA.
3. The Clover trademark and logo are owned by Clover Network, Inc., a First Data company.
4. All other trademarks, service marks and trade names referenced in this material are the property of their respective owners.
5. All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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